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(by Anton Baklashov)

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Christopher McCandless, after graduating from Emory University in 1990, quietly left his home and travelled under the name Alexander Supertramp. He went through various states and cities, getting around by car, train, canoe, and of course by foot. With little direction, he simply travelled. Ultimately, what he hoped to do was take an Alaskan adventure, and he told the many people he met on his travels of this. He was warned by the last friend he made not to take the journey. But with little possessions, not even a compass, he declined the advice and began. Arriving in Fairbanks Alaska on April 28, 1992, his adventure was finally becoming a reality. After a short 113 days of life in the Alaskan wilderness, Alexander Supertramp would die of starvation. The photo above was found in his camera, undeveloped, and the following journal entries are those he kept during his dream adventure.


Day 2: Fall through the ice day. Day 4: Magic bus day. Day 9: Weakness. Day 10: Snowed in. Day 13: Porcupine day…. Day 14: Misery. Day 31: Move bus. Grey bird. Ash bird. Squirrel. Gourmet duck! Day 43: MOOSE! Day 48: Maggots already. Smoking appears ineffective. Don’t know, looks like disaster. I now wish I had never shot the moose. One of the greatest tragedies of my life. Day 68: Beaver Dam. Disaster. Day 69: Rained in, river looks impossible. Lonely, Scared. Day 74: Terminal man. Faster. Day 78: Missed wolf. Ate potato seeds and many berries coming. Day 94: Woodpecker. Fog. Extremely weak. Fault of potato seed. Much trouble just to stand up. Starving. Great jeopardy. 

Day 100: Death looms as serious threat, too weak to walk out, have literally become trapped in wild—no game.Day 101-103: [No written entries, just the days listed.] Day 104: Missed bear! Day 105: Five squirrel. Caribou. Day 107: Beautiful berries. Day 108-113: [Days were marked only with slashes.]


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Everything right now

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Cate Blanchett in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

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